We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new set of reusable window stickers.

For a long time we have been trying to find a way of creating window stickers that capture the look and essence of our sprayed snow scenes.

The past has taught us that snow spray art, at times, can be a bit messy and when you throw curious kids and adults that are packed with Christmas cheer into the mix they can be little too temporary. These stickers will stand up to any wandering, chocolate covered hands and any person who slides down the window when they’ve had to much to drink.

We have worked very closely with our printers (they may say too closely) to create a quality product, made with the right material to make them easy to apply and best of all…….re-usable.

We have started with 2 designs ‘The Street’ and ‘The River’ scenes. There will be more to follow so stay in touch. We hope you enjoy them. Merry Christmas.

The River

480mm wide X 475mm high

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The Street

820mm wide X 450mm high

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